Jean-Paul Marcheschi collection

The flame lights the cavern, pushes the night aside ; and at the same time, by its smoke, it blackens the wall ; and this soot in turn, with laid on hands, serves for an a contrario writing. (But what if all writing was a contrario? The style, it's to write against (against the current, against the stream, against the general consensus (and initially against the stylistic consensus))).
Renaud Camus in CAVARE (notes for a Marcheschi)


Plieux is a 14th century castle of the "château gascon" type. It has maintained its original strucute intact, only having been improved during the Renaissance period by the creation of numerous windows, opening onto the vast countryside of the Lomagne and even further, from the Garonne valley all the way to the Pyrenees.

Permanently lived in, the Plieux castle has welcomed in recent years many international modern and contemporary art exposition : Miró, Kounellis, Boltanski, Eugène Leroy, Josef Albers ; Rug works, Wilfredo Lam, Appel, Alechinsky, Richard Serra, Anthony Caro, Frederic Matys Thursz, etc.

It hold today, not only in its exposition rooms but also in the living quarters, both of which are open to visitors -- the most important collection of works by the artist Jean-Paul Marcheschi (born in Bastia in 1951) : compositions of all sizes, often very ample, painting, sculptures, drawings, nearly all having been created using the method which is responsible for the reputation and originality of the artist, fire. Candle flames against the pages of a story which the erase, a beam of flames on the spread pages of a book, melted wax on paper or forms, mounted from soot on a white page : Fantasies, Oracles, Nights, Dawn's bite, Ferocia, Crucifixion, Volcanoes, Map of the wind, Vessel of shades...


Ancestor I

Ancestor II

The dawn


The damned

Dante and Virgil



La Ferocia






Hand III


Room of the Winds


Dawns bite II

Dawns bite III



Eleven thousand nights

Eleven thousand nights

Eleven thousand nights


N.Y. volcanoes

Vessel of shades

Calm block