This is the first site devoted to the body of work of Jean Paul Marcheschi.
The paintings shown here, made between 1984 and 2001, most very large in size, were created for various, often eccentric, locations throughout Europe.

Born in Corsica in 1951, Jean Paul Marcheschi lives and works in Paris.

Since 1984, the "brush of fire" has been the sole instrument used in the creation of his paintings.

Les Fastes
Jacques Roubaud
Jean-Paul Marcheschi
"Les Fastes"
Éditions Lienart
30 Euros


January-March 2010
    A bronze-casting work of Jean-Paul Marcheschi is available in subscription :
    The Acrobat
subscription form may be downloaded here (in French).

January 2010
    Publication of the Nemours museum exhibition catalog, "Les Fastes", text by Jacques Roubaud.
   This book is available on the publisher's site (Lienart editions), on Amazon site or, via the Galerie Plessis, 1 rue Affre, 44000, Nantes.
   A limited edition, sold with two Marcheschi's original Fire Paintings, is available at the Galerie Plessis (see the order form (in French)).

October - february 7th, 2010
Exhibition at the 'Musée départemental de la Préhistoire' in Solutré.

     Useful informations :
         Schedules : 10-12h et 14-17h every day.
         Telephone : 03 85 35 83 23 & 03 85 35 85 24.
         Museum web site : Musées de la Préhistoire.
         E-mail :


May 2009 - 14 february 2010
   Exhibition at the 'Musée de la Préhistoire d'Ile de France' in Nemours
      Title : 'Les Fastes' (Fasti).

   Curator: Francis Saint Genez   
   Assistants: Laurent Bandini, installation designer; Gilles Brésard, in charge of the sculpture; Stefan Meyer, photographer.   

   On this occasion, a book written by the poet Jacques Roubaud will be published.

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January 16th 2010
  Page devoted to The Man of Solutré 

December 17th 2009
   Day XXIX (The Snow) added to the Fasti diary

December 15th 2009
Days XXVII to XXIV added to the Fasti diary

June 30th 2009
  Installation of a radio show dated from June 28th 2009,
  (Répliques around Fasti, with Jacques Roubaud).

June 6th 2009
   Days XIX to XXVI added to the Fasti diary

March 26th 2009
   Days IX to VIII added to the Fasti diary

January 9th 2009
   Day V and VII added to the      Fasti diary

October 29th 2008
   Day IV added to the Fasti Fasti diary

September 7th 2008
     Days II and III added to the Fasti diary 

July 14th 2008
  Installation of a radio show dated from May 16th 2008 (Surpris par la nuit).

   Fasti diary  (preparation of the "Les Fastes" (Fasti) exhibition, at the musée de la préhistoire d'Ile de France, opening May 2009). [pictures of the studio]

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