Exhibition Jean-Paul Marcheschi
Musée départemental de la préhistoire, Solutré
"The Man of Solutré"



Exhibition catalog:
L'Homme de Solutré,
Jean-Paul Marcheschi,
éditions Ceysson, 96 p, 25€.

To the 25-years old man who
was buried in an aurignacian
sepulchre at Crot-du-Charnier
close to Solutré in Saône-et-Loire,
I dedicate these fragments, these
petrified bodies, these steles
and the Oracles room he has
made to come to existence.

Jean-Paul Marcheschi, Paris,
july 3, 2009





Overall exibition  views


Exhibition  works

  The child skull

The Oracle of Solutré I

The Oracle of Solutré II

The Milky Way

  The Ocean


The Mask (detail)

The Meteor

  Great Oracle of Solutré I

Great Oracle of Solutré I

Great Oracle of Solutré II

Great Oracle of Solutré II