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Fastuous diary


I. Tuesday 29 april 2008.
Workshop of Bourdonnais street

II. Tuesday the 1st - Wednesday 23 july 2008.
Morsure de l'Aube (new workshop)

III. Saturday 30 august 2008.
Apparition of the bird (Berger's street)

IV. Wednesday 29 octobre 2008.
Fasti's Theatre

V. Wednesday 12 november 2008.
Museum of Prehistory

VI. Monday 17 november 2008.
Ecce Homo

VII. Tuesday 29 november 2008.

VIII. Tuesday 11 december 2008.
Lake of the birds (working-out)

IX. Wednesday 21 january 2009.
Workshop night

X. Jeudi 22 january 2009.
Les livres Rouges (The Red Books)

XI. Thursday 23 january 2009.
The goddess coming

XII. Monday 26 january 2009.
Figures of the Sleep Lake

XIII. Tuesday the third of february 2009.
Production of L'Acrobate

XIV. Thursday 20 february 2009.
Completion of L'Acrobate

XV. End of february begining of march 2009.
Variations on La Scriptrice

XVI. Monday the 2nd march 2009.
The Sleep Lake & black sculptures

XVII. Wednesday the 4th march 2009.
Le Nocher (The Ferryman)

XVIII. Wednesday the 1st of april 2009.
Morsures and Daïmon

XVIII. Wednesday the 7nd of april 2009.

XX. Wednesday 15 april 2009.
Dead Souls

XXI. Thursday 16 april 2009.
Red Books

XXII. Tuesday 28 april 2009.
Room of the Stones and Morsures

XXIII. Wednesday 29th april 2009.
Lakes and Nocher

XXIV. Thursday 30th april 2009.
The lightning

XXV. Wednesday the 6th may 2009.
Lakes and Ferryman

XXVI. Thursday 30 april 2009.
The bird's Feast

XXVII. Friday 1st of june 2009.
Arrival of bronzes

XXVIII. Saturday 2nd of june 2009.
Horus in the forest

XXIX. Thursday 17 december 2009.
The Snow